Custom Figure Skating Seminars

Creating your perfect custom figure skating seminar is possible anywhere in the World!

We will create the exact skating seminar you want, regardless of whether you are a small figure skating club or a large skating organization.

Here's how to create your perfect figure skating seminar:

Champion Developmental Seminars
figure skating seminar coach - Sheila Thelen
Sheila Thelen President - Champion Developmental Seminars

1. Figure out some basics regarding your budget, desired location, estimated number of skaters, and desired skills.

2. Then call Sheila Thelen (President of Champion Developmental Seminars) at 651-257-1004  to discuss the available options, given your inputs. If you prefer to connect over email, use our Contact Form

Sheila is one of the absolute friendliest people in skating, and she's very easy to work with. Her following on social media is massive and her reach within the sport of figure skating is similarly vast. The World-class faculty of figure skating coaches we feature specialize in every aspect of skating!

Contact our offices directly for premiere figure skating seminar experiences, pricing, and services!
Additional focuses of IJS (International Judging System) for YOUNGER SKATERS is also available.

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